I have written the books listed below in response to customer requests for information.

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Stone Magic

A5 Textured cover Comb Bound: B/W: 58 pages
A book looking at magical assosiations of stones, how to use stones in ritual magic, a selection spells using stone as the active agent, a brief look at trees and their atributes when used as wands.
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Price 5-00


A4 Laminated Cover Comb Bound: full colour: 196 pages.
A detailed but easily accessible book. Sections on: the structure of stones; What is cystal healing? and methods of performing it; preparation of stones for healing;an illustrated dictonary of stones (over 160 stones described); diagnostic tables, Astrological Assosiations; Stone and magic.
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Price 20-00


A5 Textured Cover Comb Bound: B/W: 36 pages
A straight forward introduction to Runes. Sections on the Runes and their origins; Runic Symbolism and meanings; Talasmanic Runes; Runecasts; Runescripts
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Price 6.00

A5 Textured cover, comb bound, 69 pages

A guide to the mystical and mythical properties of Tree. Sections on native and introduced trees, Trees and Ogham, the "tree zodiac" and making wands.
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Price 5.00

Reflections on Healing

A5 Textured cover comb bound B/W 30 pages
A personal look at Healing with mental exercises, methods of healing, using stones in healing.

Price 5-00